Farndon in watercolour 3

I hope this new-found confidence stays.  The painting is complete and still rather watercoloury!   I have done more work on the building at the back of the picture, sorting out the return of the wall and giving it its sandstone plinth.  The ramp is now further forward, which is a good thing as you would have to have been a very skinny person to use it  before.  The sandstone colour has reduced the impact of the railing,too.

The addition of the kerb edges  entertains the foreground  and washes on the pavements and road add weight without fuss.  Then there is just general strengthening and defining to windows, roof line and doors.  I added the advertising displays for a splash of colour.  They make the painting more lived in, less chocolate box.

I am interested in the corner window – it’s worth a painting of its own so I shall use it a the subject of a line and wash.  Aren’t I getting brave with my drawing!

3 thoughts on “Farndon in watercolour 3”

  1. It is fascinating to see how much difference small details make, such as the curb edges and the road shading. Also curtailing the right-hand house brings the viewer into the scene much more.

  2. All this drawing is having a wonderful effect, isn’t it! And I do like the addition of the advertising boards – as you say, it makes it less chocolate-box than it might be..

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