Black and White progress

I am finding this a very satisfying project despite the lack of colour.  I must admit I am aching to introduce colour but this is a tonal exercise so I’ll stick to black and white.

I have made a bit more of the distant cottage and even more distant trees, so I must concentrate on the garden in the foreground.  It’s very dark in the the photo, but I have invested in a very portable LED light so can see more of the subtle shading.

I have pushed those shades to a more extreme point, since I am not yet able to create them as they are.  However, I think what I have done is reasonably OK.  Choosing when and how to introduce White is exercising my mind somewhat!   And the sky as a great blank – is that all right or will I need to add a cloud?

No decision yet so I continued to eat away at the garden to see what happened.  This is very uncharted territory for me.  I may have overdone the white, so I’ll use it a bit more sparingly now.  The bit that’s left is more shadowed anyway.


One thought on “Black and White progress”

  1. Interesting to see it sneaking into focus as the darks and the lights help each section to make sense, isn’t it! I can imagine just how rewarding it must be…

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