Farndon in Watercolour 2

The buildings in the middle and to the right are where most of the painting was done this time.  I had got the light coming from two different directions last time so I have begun to correct that.  It’s still not right but I didn’t want to mess with it too much at one time.

Then I began to define the windows and the door.  There is a lot of white woodwork here which looks sharp and clean but the atmosphere I was seeking was softer so I’ve indicated shadows and left  low “highlights”, if you see what I mean.  There is a red Ruabon moulded window on the corner of the building by the door which intrigues me.  It’s not a new feature, and it’s an expensive shape with only a pillar at the corner itself.  I’m planning to do that in more detail in another painting.  At the moment, I’ve shown where it is though it doesn’t sit happily yet.

Using a real dark and a small brush, I’ve intensified some points in the left hand building, tiny marks just to increase the contrast in places .  Next week should see it finished.

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