Splodgy oils

Over the years, we have collected a number of paintings, largely oils, in a wide variety of styles.  In fact we reckon to have at least one painting of some kind that appeals to every visitor.   As my painting skills improved, I have studied them carefully.   As ever, I wanted to know “How he, it’s usually but not always “he”, did it.   Repainting the bedroom means changing pictures to those that benefit from the new colour scheme, and that means you see each painting anew. This is one of those rediscoveries.

Its appeal is in the joyous splodges that entertain the eye.  The cloud race by; that’s definitely a willow on the far bank; how does the splodgy water look so wet?  Those splodges need a closer look.

They are nearly all rounded at the top and then dragged down a little.  The tool is a palette knife, certainly, but which shape?  I experimented with my dozen or so and discovered that my very first palette knife was the best at recreating that shape.  Its rounded end actually fitted the splodges on the painting.

I had begun an oil some time ago. in fact it is the subject of “Back to oil painting”  in the post of July 30th 2020.  So much has happened since then that I never had a chance to complete it.   I decided to take it off in a new direction and make it the basis of my splodges.

Paint is loosely mixed on the palette, then a splodge sized amount is taken on the knife and carefully squished in place  – very satisfying.

This is as far as I have gone to date.  I need to awaken my “interesting colour choice” brain, but the enterprise is just right for lockdown!

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