Splodges continued

I’ve carried on splodging, but, as usual, there is more to this than meets the eye.

Nearly every splodge on the original is a different colour, and they are all more dragged than mine.  The colouring, though very varied, is harmonious.  Mine look like stacked plates falling over!

They are also very less varied.  I find that I become more adventurous when I paint every day.  Despite lockdown, that hasn’t happened recently. I lose my vision and nerve through lack of practice! Quite a few of my projects are reaching fruition, and I’m turning to painting once again – frustrated only by poor light.  The coming Hazel Soan workshop will provide even more impetus!

Though this is not a style I would want to adopt,  by doing this exercise, I am learning so much about the painting we own.  The skill of the artist in choosing colours and tones, and in seeing the scene in this way, is  impressive, and my pleasure in looking at the painting is enhanced.

It’s fun to do, so I shall continue the experiment, trusting that I improve my rendition in view of the comments above.  The water is going to be interesting, for there is a a big patch of reflected light as well as the reflections in the water itself.   Which blues go with those greens, yellows and russets, I wonder.

2 thoughts on “Splodges continued”

  1. This is getting even more interesting. The colours are exciting and definitely uplifting to the spirits. I also like the contrast of the bunches of grapes (not stacked plates) against the totally believable water and reflections. Great fun!

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