The eyes have it!

After working on my portrait of Higgy, I thought that separate practise of eyes, noses and mouths might help me create a living face.  The medium is watercolour pencils, since I can use them in any room in the house. There is also the possibility that they would militate against being too detailed.  My collection is for landscapes so I have a limited choice and that may be a good thing as  well.  So here are some of them.

These are all taken from photographs, since the only model I have at present is me, and there is a limit to how long I want to look at me, even when in analytical mode.

The colouring is crude since I haven’t used the pencils enough to get the measure of them. Number three looks like two different people, or a fellow with a slowly closing black eye!  But what I have learnt is that I usually try to put in too much detail and that life comes not from micro-accuracy, but from a few well observed shapes.  I have promised myself to try again in watercolour paint, and in oils, too.


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