The enquiry continues

There is a song that goes”I know where I’m going”.  This is not the situation in which I find myself.  I think I’ve stepped off a cliff, and I hope the parachute is going to work ……


……which it has to some extent!  The “warm colours”need more yellows in them and I am losing the luminous effect in that area too.  I may look for more “paper” colours.  I like the effects on her hair.  He is swimming up beside her beautifully.

I think the two sides need to be married together, so maybe touches of warm colours on him and cool greens on her would do it.  I must look at the painting over the next week and cogitate.

2 thoughts on “The enquiry continues”

  1. I’d begun to see the upper part of her face clearly from the other end of the room and she is definitely there in your blog picture where I can see and appreciate her eyes in detail. At the moment she seems to be enigmatically covering the lower part of her face giving her an air of mystery.

  2. You’re going to be doing some of the Thoughtful Staring I so often have recourse to, aren’t you! It’s a very useful technique…

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