Hail and farewell

I have decided to cease my weekly blog, at least for the time being, so this is my last one.

I have been demonstrating to my class on line for some time now and this is the conclusion of the current exercise.  The purpose of the demonstrations was to show that, by putting in all the shadowed areas in French Ultramarine first and letting it dry, subsequent colouring could be done more easily.  The blue naturally darkened the colour introduced on top while the adjacent white showed the colour in sunlight.

Here is the painting  complete with imagined background.

Any of my students following this blog post will see that I have seriously dropped the horizon.  I’ve got away with it because I took the reference photo from a lower level than the crowd so it just looks like I was sitting down to do this painting!  The blue sky emphasises to while shirts and hats and harmonises with the shadows.

Thank you for joining me over these last few years.   Your interest and comments have been welcome and constructive.



2 thoughts on “Hail and farewell”

  1. That solves the problem. I hadn’t wanted to leave out the blue but dropping the horizon and allowing a blue sky background is perfect and completely natural. It keeps the impression of summer heat.

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