Verona continued.

Hazel had specified many “lifting” colours in her palette for this painting which is proving to be more than helpful.  If you re-wet the offending areas, and pat with a clean rag, most of the colour will go.  Then you can re-paint with a clear conscience!

I’ve tidied up the Blue side of the street where the brush had been too enthusiastic, removing much of the central figures that were so unconvincing (not yet reinstated), the figures on the right (wrongly placed), and the car (now more recognisable).  The tall gent has a good pair of shoulders on him now while the three figures to the right of his girl friend have heads correctly placed.

Once I paint the central figures with some  confidence, I will feel more content – well, content enough to “dress” the buildings.  The street looks empty without more windows with their attendant  balconies and flowers.  Those blue doorways need variation, and the distant buildings just a little more definition.


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