Sandstone cliffs complete?

I am not 100% sure I have completed this painting, but I think I’ve caught the appearance of a blustery, sunny day .   The cliffs have three dimensions now, though refining the detail might please me more!  The real fun was creating the wiry grasses on the cliff edge in the foreground.

I splurged down shapes of all the darks on my palette, greens, blues  maroons and ochres, in the approximate places of tonal value, then scratched the thin shafts of grassy tufts out of the wet paint back to the canvas.  The differing darks have added interest and pushed back the cliffs.  The spray at the leading edge of the cliff was put in by finger.

There is a wind battered, fighting tree perched in among those grasses which I am in two minds about.  It’s a wonderful twisted shape, and would break the horizontals and add to the drama.  I’ll wait until this is thoroughly dry.

2 thoughts on “Sandstone cliffs complete?”

  1. It’s great. The grasses are gorgeous. The cliff is now completely believable and it looks as though the surf will pull back any moment ready for another crashing wave.

  2. Yes, looking good. That stack is going to fall off into the sea in a hundred years or so, isn’t it!

    I can’t decide whether I think the tree would be a good addition or not, possibly because I’m enjoying the grasses so much!

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