Sandstone Cliffs

This week I started an oil using palette knives, something I haven’t done for ages, and it didn’t go well.  My image was in portrait mode; I was re-using a half worked canvas, the disappearing painting being in landscape configuration.   Unthinkingly, I set up the canvas as per the existing painting, so not much room for the sky and sea, and too much room across the painting.  I soldiered on, but by the end of the session I was so disgusted with my efforts that I scraped off the paint and rub the surface clean.  What do you think of my Turner?

So, I started again, this time with image and canvas  agreeing.  My first sky had been very stormy and active, but I remember the day as being sunny but with a very strong wind off the sea.  You can get a very smooth finish with palette knives if you think of icing a cake, so this time the sky is friendlier and less active.  The strata of the cliffs were beautifully colour coded, creamy, chocolatey, and I regret, muddy, while the sea sang in turquoise green.

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