An old street completed

We soldiered on, working on the building on the left.  The shutters on either side of the open window went in with a single stroke of a flat brush, then the same flat brush with  a deeper grey-blue used vertically so that only the tips of the brush hairs touched the surface hopped down the shape.  That made the louvres – they only needed a trifle more dark at their edges to become convincing. Flowers, pots and greenery  covered the wall adequately and decoratively.  Using varying tones of reds and greens added depth, and the pots were great fun.

The strong shadow on the ground,( it was very sunny), made me see that the walls were too warm.  It seemed a pity to lose the colour, but “needs must”, so I blued it with a light wash after all was very dry.  The final touch was the opaque white on the heads and shoulders of two of the people.

2 thoughts on “An old street completed”

  1. Perfection. But again, very interesting and informative about this was reached including a masterclass in how to do louvred windows!

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