Gone Fishing

As part of my efforts to encourage incipient painting thoughts, I am, as usual, looking to Hazel Soan for guidance.  It was pouring with rain, so I looked through my photos for a townscape with people in it to create a monochrome tonal sketch and found …..  Honestly, trying to discipline myself to follow the path I have agreed with myself is like trying to herd cats.

Colour – I can’t resist it.  Isn’t this a glorious turquoise?    All thoughts of monochrome townscapes fled as I plunged into the deep blue sea.

It’s Manganese Blue – a non-staining, semitransparent colour which I discovered in Zoltan Szabo’s book “Color-by-Color”.  It just sings off the page, orangy-reds being the perfect accompaniment.   Over washed with Viridian for the swell that lifts the shallow boat, still it glows through.  That’s no small achievement as Viridian is not a shy colour.  I’m truly pleased with that wave.  This is letting the brush do the work.  This is watercolour.

So, no townscape; no monochrome;  but perhaps I can claim in self defence that the figures are virtually silhouettes.

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