Further preparations

We were looking through old photos to do with Rachel’s “100 hearts” needlework (blog.virtuosewadventures.co.uk/wordpress/) when I came across a small one of my two friends taken forty years ago with the sunlight in exactly the right place!  OK they were younger but at the size I am painting them, that will not be a problem, and most people don’t mind looking younger, anyway.  So I tried another sketch using this new information.

That’s more like it – not a likeness yet but the shadows and highlights are better.  Her left eye should be a trifle higher, perhaps.   The tilt of the head is characteristic.  It took me two hours to achieve this much, I have so much to learn!  I used a charcoal pencil, which is a new tool to me, so even the medium was an experiment.  I think I have more control over the marks than I do with a charcoal stick, more precision, anyway.   However, I think this could be the basis for painting.  Now to tackle him.

I don’t think the introduction of white has improved his appearance any!  But light and shade, now observed rather than imagined are better,  if rather heavy handed.

If time permits I will try again in pencil to see if I can achieve a likeness.  I remember reading recently that if you don’t achieve a likeness in line, try again, because shading cannot correct an inaccurate drawing.   This is a great incentive to observe more closely.

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