“I think I’d better think it out again!”  I have painted and very carefully cut out my dragon, but ….. – look at him now!

If you remember I had drawn him on the shape of the shade so that I could make him the right size and curve.  Unfortunately,  I forgot that in so doing, I would only be able to curve him on the shade if I laid him down flat.   When I tried to make him rise up and prowl,  his tail rose up with a vengeance and sat over the light bulb!

Desperate situations require desperate remedies – I cut him in half.  By way of compensation for this hurt, I have redrawn his body, lengthening it a little and repositioning his right back foot.   I’ve included his old body so that you can see the image more clearly.   The join can be tucked under his neck, so all is not lost, but I will need to paint – and cut out! – his new part.

The good news is that the shade has worked well, and the various electrical bits, in black instead of white and clear plastic, have arrived.


2 thoughts on “Oops!”

  1. Definitely not. Very upsetting after so much intricate work but your redrawn section looks as though it will solve the problem. I love the scales on his feet and like the position of the new foot better than the original.

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