More Elephants

Isn’t he a dear!  His ears are so big that I think he must be an African elephant, though babies do have big appendages.  But even he won’t do for my Meander book pockets.

Years ago we acquired a regal red-glazed elephant who was immediately named The Elephant Of Distinction (I like Kipling’s Capitals). He graced our room for some years in splendid isolation, and was then joined by one entirely other.  This elephant was bronze-glazed, caparisoned, schematic, dumpy, and was just as immediately dubbed The Elephant Of No Distinction But Infinite Charm.  My daughter has used this image for two embroideries, doorstop

and I thought he would be ideal for the effect I was seeking.  Here is a line drawing.

My intention is to make a lino print, excavating TEONDBIF but printing the background in various colours, then dressing him by hand.  Simple, colourful, satisfyingly repetitive but varied at the same time.



3 thoughts on “More Elephants”

  1. Oooh, I do like the sound of this! Great fun, and hugely satisfying. Although, I must admit the little elephant at the top is a real sweetie…!

  2. They are lovely, especially the baby. Love the sound of your colours – only familiar with one though.
    Looking forward to having a go at the lino printing.

  3. You’ve caught the baby beautifully – stare at him through half-closed eyes and you could believe those ears twitch a little – flicking off a fly. Variations on the basic elephant theme you describe would be a perfect idea for your pockets.

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