More Pastel work

Isn’t it wonderful how a few squiggles of pastel can say so much!  I have been working on this picture as a demonstration for my class, so the whole thing has taken, in total, about an hour and half to paint.

Most of the  trees have been indicated by sideways strokes of the pastel with pinks and yellows varying the summery greens.  Scribbled dark green, blues, purples and  maroons form the right-hand trees with open fencing allowing light to dapple the path.


The slowly moving, muddy water of the canal reflects the trees darkly,  depicted by vertical strokes of the sides of the pastels.  Late evening sun casts long shadows, warming the trees and unusually, catching the inside of the arch, a natural focus of the scene.  Two little boats snuggle into the bank, but even the brightly coloured one cannot take precedence of that arch.


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