Forest beginnings

Back to oil painting!  Believe it or not, this is a good start to my next painting –  an underpainting using very dilute oil paint, suggesting the tonal layout of a forest glade near Darwin.  A very user-friendly  part of the forest, I hasten to add, but by cutting out the helpful board-walk, I achieve something a little wilder.

I have restricted my palette to Prussian Blue, Raw Sienna and Burnt Sienna, since these will give me the colours and tones needed.  I may add others later as the picture progresses, perhaps purples and crimsons in the shadows.

Using dilute colour makes for a very loose beginning while giving great intensity to the painted surface.  Any misplaced runs can easily be covered.  Allowing the restricted colours to collide/mix gives texture and interest, and certainly adds to the fun.  Deciding which bits to retain and which to obliterate, discovering  Serendipity in fact, is bliss.

2 thoughts on “Forest beginnings”

  1. Progress on this is going to be fascinating. I can see it will be fun when you know what you are doing; you do but as yet I don’t, hence the fascination waiting for the image to emerge and understanding why!!

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