Where now?

This is truly advancing in the dark!

His face seemed reasonable for this stage.  In fact I love the luminous green lights. But hers was less clearly defined.  Unfortunately I found myself resorting to  paint to obliterate the offending passages,so that the carefully placed papers disappeared, and I might as well have just used paint from the beginning.

My corrections did not resolve the case, in fact it made things worse.  In frustration, I scribbled my brush over the new work.  That action dredged up from my memory a film about the Flying Dutchman in modern times starring James Mason and Ava Gardner.  He had painted a portrait of her, which she scribbled out with one of his brushes.  The next time we see the painting  he had turned the face into an oval with a contoured cross on it – So I did the same!  An improvement!

I had painted some warm shadows on his face, but felt the need to add more torn paper to recreate the textures in her hair and in the background.

I have to say I’m getting a lot of enjoyment out of this exercise.  Don’t ask what the painting means – it doesn’t mean anything.  I’m not in a dark mood or working out a trauma of my youth (I had a good one, anyway).  And it’s got nothing to do with Hallowe’en.  Just Having a Go!

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  1. I like your new bits of paper and appreciate their effect. I am beginning to have a clearer idea of how to do things.

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