In the sunshine 6

After last time’s poor effort, I decided to “play small” and attempt some detail on the figures.  I rather like them the way they are but they do need to be more detailed as they are the focus.  Maybe confining myself to a small area will increase my confidence again.  So faces and feet are my tasks for this session.

I don’t want to put her feet in till I have his leg right.  His left leg is too long (or his right leg is too short!) so I tackled that first.   I re-drew the leg, straightening it and shortening it, making more of the fall of the trousers.  It looked better so I ventured in with paint. The foot is rather balletic.  However, attempting to insert the other foot showed up my erratic drawing skills.  This foot is on the load-bearing leg but putting it centrally, in line with his chin so to speak, left the other foot floating.

Frustrated, I turned to her face and am reasonably content with the result so far.   Tiny dabs of paint inch the face towards  likeness – not there yet, but enough done to enable me to work on the dress next time, then over to him again.  Could do with some serendipity but hard graft may bring it on!


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