Palette Knife again

I think this is a bit of a disaster compositionally speaking. It is two pictures,  neither of any great merit.  I did cope more successfully with the right hand promontory  but the flare of orange at the edge of the painting, the two dimensional mountains, and the jumble supplying the trees ….



This is the same view, but a better composition, and a better painting.  The clouds are a bit clunky, but the overall feeling is of a day full of sunshine and showers.  The colours in the distant trees is nearer to Autumn, and the light reflecting off the water is one aspect of the Lake District everyone loves.  I’ve made a bit more of the headland, and lapping water, as I’m beginning to understand what the knife can do in these circumstances.  Palette knives made good mountains once you get the hang of it.

Finally, as a break from wrestling with wind and water, I turned round and did a tree!

2 thoughts on “Palette Knife again”

  1. They definitely show what a palette knife can do even if you don’t like the overall result. Your “clunky” clouds could be re-interpreted as snowy mountains – real clouds on the horizon often give that effect. The tree and its background are really nice and I like the water on the ground.

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