Maybe not the end?

A day late, maybe, but I have just spend a blissful morning with my oil – despite the poor light.

I’ve been attending to the foreground and the highlights.  It’s definitely more grassy underfoot with more shape to the undergrowth.  I got carried away with small vertical strokes of liquid paint so that it looked very stylised,  not at all in keeping with the rest of the picture, so I woofled about with the brush strokes a bit.  That improved matters.  I think I overdid the highlights, probably over compensating for the poor light .  I don’t get the impression of heat either and think I need more purples and mauves in the shadows, and less white in the grasses .

2 thoughts on “Maybe not the end?”

  1. Yes, through half-closed eyes the white grasses do jump at you a bit and the sunny effect is less than it was but you definitely have a pathway inviting you into the woods. Woofling is a very evocative description; I must find a reason to do some!

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