Flowers again

Have you ever tried to finish a painting from a photograph, that you started live?  Most of my paintings to date have been from photographs, partly from necessity, and partly, (as I have recently discovered) from a lack of faith in my drawing abilities, so I haven’t needed to cope with this.  It hadn’t occurred to me that the transition required a new set of skills.

In using a photograph, I found the background, even though I wasn’t using it,  confused the flower shapes in a way I hadn’t noticed when painting from life.  This doesn’t happen when I start with a photo, probably because I have already mentally  simplified the image at the outset.  Then, there was the colour change.  I “know” my printer produces blued images, but as I rarely use the photo as more than an initial sketch,  I was not awake to the change.  My first attempts to complete the painting were more pink than the initial work.

If at first you don’t succeed ….

and I can’t claim this as success.  How wooden and solid the additions seem!  There is none of the airy, “leap of the page” lightness about them.  There is a lesson here if I can only fathom it.

2 thoughts on “Flowers again”

  1. It’s an odd effect, isn’t it – quite subtle, but still there. But I do like the way the vase has turned out!

  2. I think the ethereal effect of the original group of flowers compared with the vase as a whole is that it is only a small group with no real connection to anything and it really does jump out and hit you. Once it becomes a complete vase it is more staid though I would be over the moon to have produced your end result myself. Yes, I also like the vase.

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