Another blue fan

One memory provokes another – this image, in true colour,  is from the same photo sequence as the last post.   Again, the dancer is poised momentarily in the dance – I must look up these photos again and try for some more of the action shots – so we can appreciate the long line of the pointing leg,  and the arrogant tilt of the head.  The fan is deployed, fully opened, to half-hide the nose and chin.

I have suggested, rather than defined the base of the wall.  This is one of those situations where a definite line would be too much information.  We know that people stand on flat surfaces and that walls rise behind them so there is no need to put them in.  Indeed such definition would draw the eye from the head and shoulders, where the burst of light behind her and the strong blue fan create a focus.

The great swirling skirt, firmly controlled on her left arm, provides wonderful soft folds created wet-in-wet, deep tone contrasting with the light catching the skirt over the extended leg.

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