I attended MathsJam 2018 ( recently and thoroughly enjoyed the event – my companions were friendly and inclusive and the talks were fascinating, entertaining, puzzling (there were a lot of puzzles!) though many, even the entertaining ones,  were beyond me.  I gather that nobody at the event understands all the talks!

It had seemed a good opportunity to try sketching “in public”, an extension of my efforts to improve my drawing skills.  In fact,I did not  spend much time at it but was quite pleased at the results.

People move, of course,and images are jumbled.

I became interested in the lines and angles of corridors, pillars and stairs.

More people!

4 thoughts on “Sketching”

  1. So pleased you enjoyed the event! And absolutely – no one understands *all* the talks …

    Love the drawings, but I’m surprised that people move – who’da thunk!

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