Oil pastels again

I have changed the surface I work on this week (and next) to a loose canvas sheet stained with acrylic paint.  I decided to use a photo of bamboo I had painted, very successfully (by which I mean that I was thrilled with the result), in soft pastels.   I had painted the leaves in sharp downward stabbing motions so I thought the image might lend itself to oil pastels.

I have to say that this is an improvement on the previous attempt.  Certainly there is better adhesion and the fall of the leaves is engagingly presented.  The image is dark because I chose to tint the canvas in a warm dark brown and much more work needs to be done to create depth and light.  I feel encouraged to continue with this experiment – and it occurs to me that the crosses I used in painting “Shimmering in sunlight” ( page 29 in my book ” The Bridges of Dee” for those of you who have a copy!) would also work well.  Note to self:  find a new image and try it!

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