Farndon Post Office Revisited

I decided I wasn’t happy with my finished watercolour of the Post Office window,so I put it in the sink, ran some cold water on it, and gently scrubbed it with a nail brush.Since this was a line and wash, the drawing is still there, with a haze of colour informing the scene.  Then, I painted it again.  Since I wasn’t demonstrating this time, I had no over-riding issue to teach, and was able to “just paint”.I have to say I like it more than my previous attempt!  What do you think?





2 thoughts on “Farndon Post Office Revisited”

  1. I was able to look at it and compare after I had recovered from the bout of hysterical laughter. I agree; it is softer and true to the original drawing. I know you like to “get on with a painting” and it must be disconcerting sometimes to have to keep stopping week by week to demonstrate techniques.

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