Black and White – the end

We left my black and white drawing with a mauve sky,  you may remember.  It was an improvement on the disaster which ensued when I tried to “wash” the sky with my watercolour pencils.  That idea would have worked except for the fact that the paper was not suitable for watercolour and I hadn’t the patience to solemnly shade with the pencil.  Moral: use the correct paper – or even acquire some patience!

Although the watercolour pencil did rub out to some extent it didn’t move entirely, leaving an intermittent waxy surface which didn’t take pastel.  (Something tells me I should stop digging this hole.)  So the patchy mauve sky was pretty awful, too.

Plan C (D? E?) I would dust off the mauve and save the situation using grey and white pastel.  I think it’s better because the white residue of the watercolour pencils is less evident- while I also think I was right that the sky needed something.  It’s a cautionary tale nonetheless.

I often post about the work I am doing in class, so in future I am planning on posting on Thursdays instead of Tuesdays. My Wednesday students will have a reference on progress so far.  That’s not to say I wont be wandering down other byways as the fancy takes me!

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