Line and Wash 1

This is where a new found interest in drawing gets you!  I have done line and wash before – in fact there is one in my book “Bridges of Dee” – but such paintings have always been more wash than line as I had no confidence in my line.  There are lots of ways of using this method – I have opted for doing all the line in ink before adding the wash, diving in the deep end, so to speak.

You may remember my recent watercolour of Farndon in which this window appears.  After all the years of living in the village  (38 years to be precise), I became very interested in the window.  It’s quite an expensive window, Victorian, red Ruabon brick, if I’m not mistaken, and built around a corner.   There are lots of textures and shapes.  I think the detail responds well to line, the moulding around the panes of glass, different sorts of brick and paving, the adverts.  The drawing is not a howling success, but it’s far better than I could have achieve two months ago.  Let’s see what colour does for it.

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