Black and White again

When I finished the garden, I felt I had to do something to the sky.  The grey sky and the grey house next to it looked unfinished to me, but it’s a large area to fill with pencil.  At least it seemed so to me.  So I tried a cloud.  Well,  that looked pretty awful.  It certainly differentiated the house and sky, but the execution of same cloud is very amateur!  No shading – I didn’t have a reference – and I don’t think clouds do that.

In a bit of a panic – I’ve ruined it! – I tried shading the whole sky in white pencil but a blank white sky was even worse.  I even contemplated running a wet brush over the area in an attempt to unify it but this is pastel paper and it would cockle.

Then I found I could rub out the white pencil to some extent, though not enough to remove it completely.  Something would have to be done.  Pastel paper equals pastels?  And I different medium may mean adding colour.  So I tried a soft graduated mauve.  I’m still in two minds about this.  I think it’s an improvement on the last two efforts but maybe I should have kept to grey and white.

In the throes of recounting these disasters, I have overlooked the finished garden, and I have to say I am pleased with the way that part has gone.  But I am still hovering over changing the sky yet again.

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