Windermere Clouds

Oh joy!  Oh rapture! Oil painting again – and I think my burgeoning drawing skills are freeing up my painting arm once more.  This painting is a delight; everything is falling into place, (my happy place!).  I do hope I find the time to finish it soon.

I love the rain cloud approaching from the right, the sunlight hillside, the woods bordering the lake.  It’s the lower half of the painting that needs more attention.  It looks like a pine forest at the moment, and most of those trees are deciduous – they would have to be otherwise no dancing  daffodils!

The two smudges in the water will be boats soon, I hope,  with their white masts bridging the line where land and water meet, then some work on the lake in the foreground, and we are done.

2 thoughts on “Windermere Clouds”

  1. Gorgeous. It is lovely to have been in at the beginning and actually watched you doing this. Neither of us has put our boats in yet but will do so soon – P two and me one (I think). We both also have to lighten our trees though it is not the same view or lake. We are using acrylic of course but we do like being able to paint over our mistakes! Painting out the first attempt at the boat and lightening the water was done in seconds; magic! Nothing further has happened since but ……

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