Canal boats 04

So the canvas is largely covered.  I have extended the blue area behind the boats.  I may have overdone it.  In fact I’m sure I have.  The light reflecting off the side of the cabin of the middle boat loses impact against the light background.  However, there is just some of the water on the right hand side to rough in now, so I can see how the painting will turn out.  I’m very pleased with the composition.  With a bit of work, this is going to turn into a good painting.  Boats are fascinating.  There are so many lines and angles.  They catch the light in so many unexpected places.

I have started to clarify the painting of the middle boat, and for some reason the reflection looks wonky!  I didn’t notice this when I was painting, so the photo has done me a service. For a start, the reflection of the prow is at the wrong angle, and where the prow becomes the side (a nebulous place!) also needs a little more definition.  Although the red of the cabin wall has been calmed down with the addition of a little Burnt Sienna, it seems to glow even more.


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  1. I’ve found it’s often the case that a photo will help me make a decision about a section I didn’t even know was problematic. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

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