Sunset, Lisbon

The pergola does not dominate as I had feared it might.  Many things have contributed to this – the lamp , the wisteria, the clouds rising up from the sunset, and the faded central section, the strong tones of the figures.   There is a friendly atmosphere, the phone cameras make it very contemporary while the pergola and ornamental lamp offer an anchor in the past.

I’m not sure this is finished – a few more tweeks, perhaps, but nothing that materially alters the painting. Photographs can help one to see indiscretions that are missed in a bigger picture.   There is another option, of course, which would be to really go for the detail.  The wall tiles are beautiful, as is the characteristic paving of small stones.  Maybe pastel is not a good medium to use that way.

2 thoughts on “Sunset, Lisbon”

  1. It is lovely – you have nailed it. You have caught the fact, too, that the wall is not a normal one but trying to do the tiles in detail might distract from the overall rather magical effect.

  2. No, the pergola doesn’t dominate. It’s where it needs to be, framing the action, not detracting from it.

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