In the sunshine – closing stages

Now I have uninterrupted time, I’m hoping to finish this.  I’ve said that before, but this time I can see no excuse.  And I don’t need one either because I’m so much happier about the painting since I resumed action.

The trees behind the lady have grown; the faces are nearer completion;  I’ve made his head smaller; the railings are emerging shyly from the flowering bush; there is more texture on the walls; and more work on his shirt.  All these things are progressing as if on wheels.  But ….  I could scream with frustration.

I have also worked on his shoes.  I had them right – I HAD THEM RIGHT! Then I fiddled to make them more right.  How many times have I told my students “Don’t fiddle!”  Why don’t I listen to me?  The paint is still wet.  I think I’ll wash the work off with turps.  It will mess up the paving but that’s not difficult to put right.





2 thoughts on “In the sunshine – closing stages”

  1. Oh, goodness, you have no idea how much better that makes me feel! I keep thinking I should have learned not to fiddle by now, and then I do it anyway…!

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