Oil Pastel Exploration

Well!  They’re here.  The SAA never take long to deliver.  I only ordered these yesterday.

It’s official.  The more waxy pastels are the real thing, not the ones I used in the Lorikeet.  What those were, I don’t know except that they were sold to me as oil pastels. They weren’t dusty but they did throw a sediment which slid floorwards.

To pastures new ….

The book, ” A Beginner’s guide to Painting with Oil Pastels”  is highly informative and very easy to follow.  I don’t know how far I’m going with  this medium. The list of possible additional materials and tools numbers 23!   Nor do I know if  they will dent my love affair with soft pastels – somewhat unlikely, I should think.

A quick glance through the book told me what I know from other art materials.  There are varying degrees of quality in the pastels themselves.  Tim Fisher, the author, uses Sennelier (hurrah, that’s what I bought) which are more malleable.  The good news is that the pastels work on most surfaces –  including plywood, canvas and aluminium panels  – but Tim prefers Framers mount board.

However, before I launch into this new medium, I must answer the call from “In the sunshine”  and re-visit the south of France.


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  1. My goodness, the SAA are quick off the mark! It will be interesting to see how you get on with the real thing now you have it!

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