The Gates of Chester – second stage

As you see, I have introduced my first washes, taking my colouring from those used in wax crayons.  I like the two textures together, and can see where more of the same will enhance the image.  It is helping me to move away from a strict representation of the scene, something I have been battling with for years.

However, I think the wax crayons are too emphatic, so I need to intensify the washes, and do more crayoning so that the marks don’t look like currants in a bun.

The Wolfgate 02
The Wolfgate 02

The foreground is rather interesting.  If you remember I had stuck down some crumpled tissue paper.  I then sprinkled that area with “Brusho” – how I wish they had thought of a better name – then sprayed with water.  I used only purple and yellow at first as being more appropriate for pansies then added green and brown to suggest foliage and shadow.  There was no variation in tone so that part stood up like a wall.  White gouache was floated over the upper edge penetrating into the garden a little which dulled the colour and made it lie down again.  I need to introduce Viridian into the tree.  It looks strident just careering around among the purples and yellows.

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  1. It’s an interesting development, isn’t it. And “Brusho” does seem a slightly eccentric name when they seem to encourage you to use everything but a brush!

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