The Liverymen 05 – Progress at last!

I had been wondering what to do about the floor.  The pale colour made the picture top heavy so I searched around for something darker (richer?). The original photo of the robed figures had a dark crimson carpet, highly patterned, which might fit the bill.  Certainly, the colour anchors the picture effectively.

The Liverymen
The Liverymen – Advancing colour

I have moved things around too.  The soup plate reel has gone but what should I use to fill the space?  Much cogitation had led me to realise that I had no fruit in the picture: glass, silver, fur, cloth, flowers, rubber, velvet, silk ribbon, wood a-plenty, but no fruit. So, I added some grapes – they have relevance in making wine which both my gentlemen like.  and they help the eye to move around the picture.

The noisy exciting colours of “Fanatic” in full sail are counter-balanced by the quieter, darker gleams of polished wood, though the colour of two of the glasses echoes more deeply the scurrying waves.  The chair is more substantial now, walnut perhaps, with a velvety cushion bearing the score, and the silver rose of “Der Rosenkavelier”.  The wellies are shorter, and the robes more detailed, though in the heat of the moment, the Master lost his Chain of Office. I am delighted with the ribbon on Brian’s robe while the fur is asking to be stroked.  Even the fishing rod is now slender, ready for the lake.

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