The Liverymen 04 – advancing colour

The Liverymen - putting in the darks
The Liverymen – putting in the darks.

It helps to read the picture by getting the darks in, so I roughed in the dresser, the chair and the wellies.

I had feared that the dresser would dominate the picture, but in the event, the two figures in their rich robes were not going to be overcome by anyone!

It was at this stage I stumbled across my major puzzle – relative size!  I had photographs of many of the objects, but their size in relation to each other was problematic. Brian’s Cup had a couple of wine glasses in shot, and Martin’s antique glasses and wine bottles were displayed together. But, how tall was the dresser in relation to the figures, and how wide?  and what about the fishing paraphernalia?  I had a fishing catalogue with good photos in it but the size of the items in relation to each other, never mind in relation to the figures was not obvious.  Also working on a canvas this size meant that everything was not under the eye at once.

The Liverymen
The Liverymen

I thought it would be good to add colour to check the tonal balance and it certainly shows how the colours are affecting each other.  But it also shows the size mistakes more clearly – no bad thing, but a bit disconcerting.  So you can see Giant’s wellies (right next to Brian’s neat feet!) a soup plate reel, a fishing rod like a tree trunk, a very spindly, somewhat inebriated chair, and a decided dip in the middle shelf as it goes behind the picture.  I don’t think those books would sit easily in the hand, either.


One thought on “The Liverymen 04 – advancing colour”

  1. I think you’re right. Those are table-top easel books, not books to curl up with!

    But it is good to see the patterns of colour and tone coming together…

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