Christmas preparations – Cards completed

These are the first impressions of the linocut.

Lino printing
Lino printing

The left one was printed by placing the linocut face down in the paint, then printing with hand pressure, while the  right hand one had the paint rolled onto the block then printed, again using hand pressure.  I just pressed a little harder for the card standing up at the back!  I like the softer ones but not all the elements of the design came out clearly, and I think such a simple design need clarity.  Pressing harder did the trick, but I  tried the book press to speed things up a bit.

This was decidedly messier for me, though not for the printing process, as the book press is too heavy to move and the room it is in is not set up for painting.  However, the furniture survived unscathed, and despite covering my hands and the (covered) table I was working on in paint, I achieved 10 good prints of my design.

I was in two minds about the addition of gold paint, so I tried it out on one of my trial prints.  I liked the effect of a thin gold line round each halo and then gilded “Noel” as well.  The card looks more finished, less of an experiment.

Christmas Card
Christmas Card – 2016

If I was doing this again, I would make the image smaller as I think a border round it would look better.  Maybe the lino print itself would benefit from the smaller size – it’s a very simple design, after all.

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