Dee in flood – Farndon

Farndon Bridge -black-and-white
Farndon Bridge -black-and-white

This is a copy of a painting from my book, “The Bridges of Dee”, called “The Great Curve”.  I was surprised by this huge curving wall on one side only which is an extension of the parapet of the Thirteenth Century bridge over the Dee between Farndon and Holt.  I had been prospecting (for a commission) for a different view of the bridge- I have painted it so many times – and, as I walked down the bank, a place I rarely go, I saw it.  The river was in flood at the time so the whole experience was unusual, but I loved the curve.  The commission was for a black and white painting, not my favourite colour scheme, and in the event the prospective patron bought another painting entirely.  So I co-opted it into my “Bridges of Dee”.  But I have always wanted to do it in colour and this is the first “pass” of the colour edition .firstlayerfarndon

I wanted something kinder, more tranquil, than the drama of the original, and in truth, it has ended up rather dull.  However, this is an oil painting so nothing is immutable.  The curve is there, but the water is much more reflective, the half drowned bushes greet the sun after a stormy night, blue sky and white clouds offer hope of a better day, so I think I will remove the dark clouds on the right. Indeed, the lighting needs attention throughout the painting.

4 thoughts on “Dee in flood – Farndon”

  1. Painting in oils makes things much more relaxing!

    I like the black and white one, too – and I think I tried to make the coloured version so quiet that it became dull. This being oils, look out for the next post on this one. It positively lights up like a Christmas tree!

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