Christmas preparations again


The first drawing
The first drawing

This is the drawing that all the previous interpretations have been derived from.  You can see how the circles and curving lines make a heart shape, hence the protective impression of the “stained glass” window.

In her travels, Rachel had picked up a lino-cut kit so our thought was to make a print of this design for the few cards we needed.  Now I haven’t done lino-cut work since I was at school, so this was not going to be as easy as just saying “I’ll do a lino-cut”.  I can see some cut fingers ahead.

The first decision was whether to remove the background, or the figures. We had already decided to make a one colour print.   I didn’t fancy trialforegroundtrialbackgroundthe idea of trying to register a two colour print at my first attempt in I don’t know how many years.   I copied the design and inked in the alternatives – and I liked them both.  We thought that dark green would be a good “Christmas” colour – I was never going to do a black Christmas card – with some gold embellishment hand done after printing.  Perhaps stippling the gold moving out from the Christ Child’s head would look effective for little effort (I haven’t stippled for years, either).  Gold on colour would show up better than on white.  Or maybe I will just edge the halos and the two inward curves with a gold line (easier!) – in which case the printed figures are the best option.  And this was going to be a simple exercise!

So, I must try stippling to see if the gold I have will work that way, find a suitable dark green paint/ink and make the lino printing block of my design.  This may take a week or two.  I hope I manage to do it all in time for this Christmas!

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