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The SAA (Society for All Artists) are running a challenge, which is great fun, called “Postcard Partners” .  The idea is that two artists share a postcard and paint half each.  It’s the sort of thing that friends can do,  and since the winners of the prizes are picked at random, it doesn’t matter if you have any talent or none!

My painting group thought we would “have a go!”  Not that any of us thought we would win a prize, we did it for fun.  We were painting in watercolour at the time so most of this set of entries are in that medium, but I think we may try again, later in the term, now we have experience, maybe in different media.   The halves can be divided in any way suitable, straight, wavy, background and foreground, etc.  We were rather conservative this time but that may change when we try again.

So, here are our efforts.  Some of the group have been painting for years, and some are beginners, and at this scale it is hard to tell the difference!

SAA Postcard Partners
SAA Postcard Partners

My thanks to Judy, Jill, Benedetta, Julie, Harry, Ann, Margaret, Lorna, Pam, and Frieda, for an enjoyable afternoon.  The surface of the postcards supplied by the SAA was truly excellent, though you can make your own as long as they are the right size. My friends achieved some subtle effects, blending delicate washes on elephants, turbaned sages, Venetian scenes,  seascapes, pussycats and flowers; yet it also responded well to more precise work as in the party food and the landscape; it took line and wash very well, vide the enchanting pigeon at the top;  but pride of place must to the mixed media view of Venice (the dark one in the left hand corner).  Well done, everyone!

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  1. It’s a fine collection of adventures in paint – and won’t it be interesting to see what happens if you do try again in other media!

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