Alford in the snow – third stage

Alford in the Snow 03
Alford in the Snow 03
Alford - after some thought!
Alford – after some thought!

When I really looked at my source, I discovered that my original drawing had wandered.  This happens when I am working exuberantly  with a palette knife as the photo on the left shows.

Now I have quietened a bit, and am working more thoughtfully with a brush, I have seen the error of my ways.  (I do paint carefully with a palette knife sometimes – promise!)

The wall and railings on the left were at the wrong angle, so that the road was too wide, and focus was lost thereby. The same was true of the wall and hedge on the right!  Oh, Steve!  Concentrate, girl!  But see what those simple changes have wrought, for the composition of the painting is greatly improved, the atmosphere more friendly, the whole painting welcomes you in.

Those points corrected, I added more colour and texture to the tall trees, making them less dense at the same time, brightened the twiggy hedges, and added some snow, that had been melting too fast.  The shadows cast on the snowy lane brighten the atmosphere – just the day for a good, brisk walk.  I feel altogether happier about progress and have reached that happy stage of refining the detail – and I am pleased with the finished painting.

Alford in the Snow.


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