The Gates of Chester 04

This is the Newgate, not the latest of the modern gates, but definitely Twentieth Century.  I always call it the Pepper Gate, for it stands at the end of Pepper Street, and a very fine and imposing gate it is, too, worthy of the ancient Walls.  It stand adjacent to the Wolfgate shown in the first three blogs of this series, though this image in taken from the other side of the Walls.

Newgate in pastel
Newgate in pastel

It is painted in pastel on sandy coloured velour paper.   I love the feel of pastel on velour, very luxurious, and good edges so easy to achieve.  (“Good edges” are those that are right for the job!) Most of my pastels are from “Unison”, but all the labels are gone so I can’t tell you the numbers of the colours and tones.   But you can see I have used a very restricted palette, brightening the red-brown of the sandstone, blueing the greens and greening the blues to get the complimentaries working.

It is a chunky building with clean lines and neat roofs.  The little garden is a useful foil for the mass of sandstone.  I wanted to keep it simple, so I didn’t break up the surface with mortar lines or detailed decorative elements.  Working mainly with the side of the pastel, I mixed the browns, tans, and reds on the paper.  Equally, the garden is only sketched in – it never ceased to amaze and delight me that so much can be indicated with so few marks.  If, like me, you’ve fallen in love with the illusion of paint, you will know what I mean.

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