A copper pot

This pot is in Lisbon near the river at Belem – you may remember the window of the tower at Belem I painted a short time ago.  There is a restaurant which claims that its Pastel da Nata with a special Belem twist is superior to all others.  As we were addicted to these pastries – and that doesn’t begin to describe their deliciousness – we had to try them.  To be honest, we’d have tried them anyway.  As expected,  since you can’t improve on the best, we couldn’t tell the difference.    But in this restaurant was this pot.

Isn’t it a cracker!  My frequent response to “where shall I begin?” is “with the bit you like best” so I started with the pot which, I am delighted to say, fell off the brush.  Fortuitously, the restaurant furniture was a lovely blue, just what the orangey copper tones loved.  Floor and plinth were a cool white and the light dancing on the greenery (which liked the copper, too) completed the picture.

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